Silver Necklaces for Women

Have you ever sat and really thought about what items you have in your jewellery box and where or what they may have originally came from? Take necklaces for example, they have been around for thousands of years, when they were originally made from basic materials like stones and shells and then evolving over time with the discovery of gold, silver and other metals that are used today.In today’s jewellery industry you will see a lot of different and unusual stones and crystals used to make an item of jewellery look special and stand, like birthstones, onyx, mother of pearl and an all time favourite of mine Swarovski crystal. Women love jewellery and one of the best items in a jewellery box without a question has to be the necklace; it is so versatile and can really make a difference to a person’s look. Necklaces are a really great item for giving your outfit the wow factor. Whether its day, evening or a special occasion a necklace is an accessory you shouldn’t be without. Necklaces come in so many styles, colours and sizes these days and you can take two or three necklaces and put them with various outfits making each one of your outfits look unique.When buying a new necklace, whether you are buying for yourself or for someone else you should really sit and think about what style of clothing the necklace will be worn with so you can determine whether you should go for elegance or a nice everyday accessory. There are some really nice necklaces made with Swarovski crystals that can really make an outfit sparkle and shine for that evening out. Equally there are some gorgeous beaded charm style necklaces that can be worn in the day or evening to add a bit of glam to the occasion.Compared to gold silver has been seen over the years as the cheaper option but in more recent years women have often favoured silver necklaces over gold as they have found that it can look more elegant with certain outfits with its sparkle and shining effect and is great when shopping on a budget whether for themselves or for shopping for a gift for a loved one. You can get a whole range of silver necklaces both online and in the high street at competitive prices and good value for money so it is always best to look around and see what is on offer and make that big choice gold or silver.

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Why a Correction in Gold Is Good

January 27th, 2011Before I talk about gold, let us take a step back…maybe two. There are two cycles in the world of investing. A paper cycle and a physical cycle and the world is always in one of them and only one A paper cycle is when stocks grow exceptionally well over a very long time period, think 1982 to 2000. During this time period stocks went up 1054%. A “physical cycle” is when physical assets grow exceptionally well over a very long period of time, think 1965 to 1982. Note that during physical asset cycles gold and silver are always two of the best performing investments. During the last “physical cycle” gold went up 2400% in price! A physical cycle ALWAYS follows a “paper cycle”. And a paper cycle ALWAYS follows a “physical cycle”.An investor can measure a physical cycle by tracking the CRB. The CRB is the S&P 500 of physical assets, called the Commodity Research Bureau (think energy, grains, metals, precious metals and softs). The CRB went down -9% over that same 1982 to 2000 “paper cycle”. Clearly 1982 to 2000 was a “paper cycle” and not a “physical cycle”. BUT since 2000 the world, yes even the United States, has been in a physical asset cycle. During this period, which we are ten years into, the physical cycle has taken stocks down -14%, while moving physical assets up over 300%. These cycles last an average of 17.5 years and have been tracked all the way back before the American Civil War in the 1860s.Today we are deep into a physical asset [secular] bull market…sometimes known as a “stock” bear market. I have compared the CRB to the SP-500 over the past 100 years, and what I noticed is nothing short of remarkable.People have been concerned about gold’s recent 8% correction. So let’s talk about this 8% correction.
First – ALL corrections (in anything) are accompanied by bad news.
Second – ALL raises in gold are ALSO accompanied by bad news.
Third – Eight plus percent corrections in gold are common.Here are all the correction over the past five years that are 8% or more in gold and the S&P500:GOLD’s BIGGEST CORRECTIONS
2005 = -10% (new highs were then hit)
2006 = -16%, -25% (new highs were then hit)
2007 = -8%, -8%, -8% (new highs were then hit)
2008 = -32% (gold ended up for the year…and yes, new highs were then hit)
2009 = -13%, -13% (new highs were then hit)
2010 = -8%, -8% (new highs were then hit)
2011 = -8%??? (new highs were then hit???) SP-500 BIGGEST CORRECTIONS
2005 = -8%, -8%
2006 = -8%
2007 = -8%, -10%, -11% (new highs were then hit)
2008 = -38%
2009 = -27%, -8%
2010 = -16%
2011 = none so farI’ve been looking for a correction in gold for months. For gold to go up 32% in eleven months and silver to go up 102% during the same time and not expect a healthy correction would be dangerous. Dangerous because the longer a correction is put off the steeper the correction is going to be and the harder it will feel to the investor’s brain. So I get worried, not for myself, but for new investors that have not experienced a few healthy corrections in the gold sector. I do not think this correction is over and I know this will not be the last gold correction we will “survive” before the cycle has run its course. Let me be clear, if I were to see a change in the fundamentals, for example…The government ending the $1.5 trillion dollar annual deficient
The government paying down the $13 trillion debt
The government cutting 30% of its employees
The defense budget getting cut to a mere $350 billion
Wages increases for the bottom 90% of the country
Housing prices increasing nationwide
The S&P500 providing a dividend yield of 6% (right now it’s 1.8%)
The S&P500 “as reported” P/E ratio below 12 (right now above 20)…then I would be screaming to get out of gold and silver. But we are not there…not yet at least. If the amount of gold or silver you own is keeping you up at night then you can do one of these things:

Sell some gold/silver until you are able to sleep at night
Turn off the radio or TVTogether, we are growing and protecting your wealth,
RC Peck. CFP

Silver and Gold Coins – Why Invest in Them?

Every discerning investor has cause to worry about what they see in the world today: recurring international and domestic strife, the declining value of the US dollar, terrorism and other factors are all combining to eat away at your nest egg and their future. At the same time, stock, bond, and the real estate markets appear chronically overvalued. Add the ever present threat of inflation, deflation, recession and depression, and it all means that the times ahead may be tougher that most imagine.Amidst such uncertain economic environment, it is only natural that people should look for investment alternatives that can both preserve and increase their wealth over the long haul. Here lies the first reason why you should invest in gold and silver coins-they are a dependable store of value.For thousands of years, and in both good and bad times, precious metals like Gold and Silver have offered investors a tangible way to hold and protect wealth for the long term-and with relative ease. Unlike paper-denominated investments-stocks, bonds, and currencies-which have so often become worthless overnight, precious metals have intrinsic or natural value that is timeless. They have always been and will always be valuable.Indeed, investment experts have often recommended that at least 20% of an investor’s portfolio should be in tangible assets such as Gold, Silver, and bullion coins. That is a far-sighted investment diversification strategy any time. And what is more, precious metals have also recently proven to be outstanding instruments for short-term trades, enabling traders to reap outstanding profits as prices fluctuate dramatically on world markets.Our uncertain world of the 21st century has simply made changes too frequent, and not always for the better. We now live in a world where the whims and caprices of a few individuals or nations can quickly alter the economic balance that some of us take for granted. It therefore behooves every individual to be prepared for economic changes, recognize them, and be in position to make the most of rather than suffer from these changes.For those who still ask for it, I give you two strong reasons why every person should consider investing in precious metals such as Gold and Silver coins now: They Are A Solid Hedge Against The Declining Dollar.The US dollar has lost over 40% of its value against other major world currencies such as the British Pound, the Euro, and the Japanese Yen in the period since 2001. I do not want to go into the details of factors responsible for this loss of value. But suffice it to say that most of the factors are protracted and as yet ongoing; which means that investments pegged to the US dollar may yet lose even more value.Gold, Silver, and other precious metals on the other hand are held and traded worldwide, having value that is not dependent on the fortunes of the green back. Indeed, as demonstrated during 2003 and 2004, the value or prices of Silver and Gold can and actually do go up at times when the value of the US dollar is taking a dip.Gold And Silver Offer Great Price Appreciation And Profit Potential: Twice during the past decade (2000 and 2007-2009), stock market and other financial crises literally wiped out trillions of dollars of investors’ equities. And although the first signs of recovery are beginning to appear, no major stock index is anywhere near their previous high levels. Meanwhile how did precious metals fare during the same period?Prices of Silver and Gold have appreciated by over 50% within the same period! Which means while returns from stock and stuff were evaporating, precious metals were posting impressive returns on their investments. And many financial experts are forecasting that this trend will continue for quite some time.For these reasons and many more the scope of this article will not allow us to cover, the Gold and Silver market surely present an outstanding investment opportunity. Investing in Silver and Gold coins is something you surely want to give serious look into you can find out more on this topic by visiting